Growing up in the 80’s with my Caboodles makeup box and bangs that were so high that you can measure them, the treatments for my acne ridden skin were harsh. My zit busting Toner contained alcohol as its top ingredient, leaving my skin dry, peeling and a complete disaster. This product which I thought helped control the oil just made my skin overproduce sebum and allowed zits to keep partying on my face. This is why Facial Toners have received a bad reputation over the years. For most, they envision an unnecessary step that leaves skin parched and stripped of its natural oils. Quite the opposite, Toning Mists should be the first step towards skin repair and nourishment. This centuries-old beauty ritual was essential to bring harmony and serenity to the skin while preserving its youthful qualities. Here’s a quick rundown of why and how to use this precious complexion boosting liquid in your routine. 


A toner helps to bring your skin back to its natural pH balance. The optimal pH level for skin is around 5.5 – if the pH is too far off-balance, this can create a playground for harmful bacteria to thrive. It also helps sweep impurities away and promotes the removal of dead cells off the surface of the skin while infusing your complexion with a quick hit of hydration. Some may like to use it as a primer to create a flawless canvas for the rest of your skin-care routine like serums and moisturizer. The result: supple, glowing skin.


The perfect time to use a Toner is right after cleansing both day and night. Toners help prep your pores and allows for the following step in your skincare routine to be effective and absorb more readily. For most of us that spend a lot of time indoors with heating or air conditioning, skin can be severely zapped of its moisture. Spritzing throughout the day can work wonders for your skin, leaving it refreshed and hydrated. Also, before or after a workout session, treat your skin to a soothing delight, some toners (especially the ones that contain botanical distillates) have antibacterial properties, keeping those pesky breakouts at bay. For those who love a dewy natural makeup look, following the footsteps of makeup artists, set your makeup with a mist of Toner or mix it into your BB cream or foundation to create the ideal fresh face.


Steer clear of a toner with alcohol! If alcohol is one of the first five ingredients listed, avoid it. Look for a toner with skin calming botanicals. Natural ingredients have the inherent ability to work according to your skin’s needs while healing and balancing your complexion. When reading your ingredient list, lookout for Rose, Cucumber and Aloe to revitalize and prep your complexion. A key ingredient in our VAYU Illuminating Toning Mist, the plant Tulsi (Holy Basil), adds an extra shield of protection from environmental pollutants while decongesting pores.

Enjoy incorporating this transformative step in your beauty routine for a flawless radiance. 

Love + Light,