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How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on the Face


Most of us experience dark spots or patches cropping up on our face which is completely normal. Simply put, this is hyperpigmentation — a common condition that causes dark spots to form on your skin. We wanted to dig in and give you the info you need to tackle this vexing skincare concern.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

There is a long list of reasons that can cause hyperpigmentation. Acne, cuts, waxing, rashes, hormones, age, certain illnesses (like autoimmune and gastrointestinal diseases) and the biggest cause —sun exposure.

Dark spots can be the result of the overproduction of melanin, the brown pigment responsible for our normal skin color. Although we all have different levels of melanin in our skin, the process that creates melanin is melanogenesis and it happens to all of us.

People with darker complexions can have a higher risk of developing dark spots and uneven skin tone because the skin is more sensitive to factors that can cause or further develop hyperpigmentation, such as sun exposure.

How to get rid of dark spots on face?

Hyperpigmentation has no cure and that's why you may notice recurrent appearance of dark patches on your skin. However, look out for skincare that takes a more holistic approach on how to treat hyperpigmentation and is formulated to reduce cell damage, boost repair, stimulate collagen formation and reduce pigmentation. With a good skincare routine in your arsenal, you can effectively manage hyperpigmentation long-term and keep your complexion even toned, radiant and healthy.

Be gentle to your skin! Scrubbing and over-treating with harsh treatments will only further irritate and make the dark spots deeper and more stubborn.

The more a dark spot is exposed to the sun, the darker it becomes in comparison with the lighter skin surrounding it. Without proper prevention practices in place, the struggle to get rid of dark spots becomes tougher. This is why sun protection is an integral step in keeping hyperpigmentation at bay. Keep shaded from the sun during prime time and making sure to wear sunscreen with at least an SPF 30.  

What ingredients to look for?

According to Ayurveda, herbal extracts such as turmeric, lemon, and sandalwood are known to help reduce pigmentation and dark spots. Ayurvedic skincare uses botanical and plant extracts that are biocompatible and dynamic, resulting in continuous benefits that continue to improve the state of skin.

Sandalwood, research shows that sandalwood is effective in reducing dark spots on your face because it contains a melanin inhibiting compound known as alpha-santalol. To clear away spots gently, add a Sandalwood-based product such as the PRANA face oil to your skincare regimen.

Turmeric, contains an active compound, curcumin. Studies have shown Turmeric is an effective hyperpigmentation treatment. If you want to deal with stubborn dark spots and uneven skin tone with Turmeric, try out natural products such as the MUKHA botanical cleanser and the NAVA JUNGOL detoxifying jungle mask which contains Turmeric oil and other powerful brighteners.

Ultimately, when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation, consistency and patience will deliver effective results.

Love + Light, 


Shadoh, founder and formulator

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