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I often hear, “My skin feels so dry during the winter”. This is something I’ve experienced firsthand. The blasts of cold air along with the change of temperature from going in and out of my home along with the drop in humidity wreaks havoc. My skin would get very dry and flaky, leaving me with a dull complexion until I realized one of the most significant steps in my winter skincare routine is incorporating a Cleansing Oil.

In the winter months, skin's natural oils are compromised due to environmental factors. The combination of cold air and lower humidity causes moisture to evaporate from your epidermis, resulting in dull wrinkle-prone skin that feels tight, rough, flaky and itchy. Using a harsh soap-based cleanser strips your skin of its natural oils, depleting moisture levels, only to further exacerbate dry skin and eczema symptoms. Here are several reasons as to why an oil cleanser will keep your skin thoroughly clean and glowing all winter long:

1) Preservation of Natural Oils: During the colder months the skin's natural oils are already compromised. Traditional soaps with harsh surfactants can further deplete these oils, disrupting your skin’s barrier leading to dryness and sensitivity. Oil-based cleansers help to maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier and support your skin's microbiome.

2) Balancing Sebum Production: Contrary to popular belief, oily and combination skin types greatly benefit from using an Oil Cleanser, as cleansing oils are generally milder and help balance sebum production. In fact, it is one of the best skincare products for acne-prone skin. A natural oil cleanser can unclog pores and dissolve excess sebum which can help prevent future acne breakouts. A cleanser that leaves your skin squeaky clean can lead to an imbalance that may make your skin more prone to increased sebum production and acne. Oil Cleansers maintain the skin's natural moisture balance, which is especially important for Acne Prone skin.

3) Hydration and Moisture Retention: this goes hand-in-hand with protecting the skin's natural barrier. Have you ever felt that squeaky clean feeling after using a soapy cleanser? Over-cleansing can be harmful, leading to parched tight skin. Oil-based cleansers leave skin feeling nourished while effectively lifting away dirt and impurities without stripping. Oil cleansing retains moisture, prevents excessively irritated dry skin and provides eczema relief.

4) Gentle Exfoliation: Reach for an oil cleanser that helps skin gently exfoliate skin. taïla’s MUHKA botanical oil cleanser is formulated with the ingredient Papaya which contains papain, a protein-dissolving enzyme that provides a gentle exfoliation by removing dead skin cells while clarifying and soothing skin irritations.

5) Makeup Removal: Oils are a unique type of solvent because they're lipophilic, meaning they're naturally attracted to other oils, including excess sebum and waterproof ingredients in makeup and SPF. Oil-based face washes are effective at effortlessly removing makeup without harsh scrubbing, by dissolving makeup and dirt while leaving the skin moisturized.

6) Nourishing Ingredients: Many oil cleansers, like the MUHKA botanical oil cleanser, are formulated with all natural ingredients such as lipids, omega acids, and plant extracts that does not clog pores and is gentle on the skin. These ingredients help nourish the skin while cleansing. They work especially well for sensitive skin and for those that are acne prone.

Incorporating an oil cleanser into your winter skincare routine can help keep your skin hydrated, balanced, and protected against the harsh environmental factors typically associated with cold weather. It’s essential to strike that delicate balance of lifting off every last bit of dirt and makeup while preserving skin’s natural oils and the MUHKA botanical oil cleanser does just that and rinses off completely clean with water. 

Honor Your Beauty,

founder and formulator taila skincare

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