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Skincare Tips from Holistic Esthetician - Shani Hillian

Skincare Tips from Holistic Esthetician Wellness and Beauty Writer


We’re catching up with Shani Hillian, clean beauty esthetician, wellness writer and one of my favorite beauty inspirations, as she gives us her holistic expertise on the basics of good skin. As a founder of an Ayurvedic clean beauty brand, Shani’s teachings resonate deeply and also arouses nostalgia in me as she draws on deep-rooted healing methods that integrate nature. It was only natural for me to feel a connection with Shani’s message of how harmony with your skin can be achieved with a natural lifestyle. I certainly believe that natural medicine is effective and can be even more powerful than synthetic ingredients.

 Shani has been healing skin through plant medicine for over a decade and owns her own boutique facial studio in Nomad, Manhattan and is loved by many for her innate ability to assess skin’s needs. She uses an arsenal of active ingredients and non-invasive methods along with conscious massage techniques to promote balance in the skin and in turn — whole-body healing. With a strong following, her bylines have appeared in Huffpost, Essence, Well + Good, Yahoo Lifestyle, Healthy-ish, Popsugar and more. Very pregnant and in the midst of preparing for her newest addition, Shani was kind enough to lend herself to share her quick tips on building the foundation for healthy skin.


 What inspires you?

 My work, educating others on ways they can better their lives by living holistically, my family and simply put. Life inspires me.


What led you to be a holistic esthetician?


I was raised holistically with my family being from the countryside of Jamaica. Plants and herbs were easily accessible and I learned alot from my grandparents even though I was raised in a big city.


What are 3 age-defying skincare habits you swear by?


Staying hydrated, remaining mindful of where/who I give my energy to and eating high vibration foods.


For skin radiance from the inside out, what are the top supplements, herbs, or foods you recommend?


Love aloe, my fav plant of all time to ingest and apply topically, maca powder to balance hormones, chamomile, green tea, tons of fruits and veggies.


What advice would you give someone who is new to green beauty looking to switch to natural skincare?


Figure out your skin type first, research ingredients and brands to ensure they are truly "green" because marketing is massive and most times not correct and finally, switch slowly. You don't want to shock your skin. Add 1 product at a time to see how skin reacts then gradually wean away.


Why do you choose to work with natural products?


It's better for our overall health, environment and planet. Nature is the ultimate healer and we have to honor it the same way it honors us.


As someone who is familiar with an array of skin types, can you explain why oils are great for skin?


Oils keep skin nourished and youthful. When you use the correct oil for your skin, it will balance natural sebum within our skin and keeps the acid mantle in place. It doesn't strip the top layer of skin which is a recipe for disaster and can cause many ailments to occur. Oils are amazing for all skin types when used correctly.



Love + Light, 


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