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Why is toning so important?

The importance of a Toner is often overlooked and is a great way to take your skincare routine to the next level. Which is why I recommend not skipping this step. Incorporating a well formulated Toner loaded with beneficial ingredients into your daily skincare regimen can transform the way your skin looks and feels. I broke down the benefits so you can see why we are such a big advocate for this step in your skincare routine.

Use as a Final Cleansing Step

Toner can be used as a final cleansing step, removing any remaining traces of impurities and makeup from your skin. It also helps remove excess oils and dead skin cells that may remain on the face after washing.

Allows other products to penetrate your skin better

It can help other skin applications to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Aiding in the absorption of topical products, Toners allow valuable ingredients to infuse skin (let your products work harder for you!).

Balance your skin’s pH

Toners are designed to restore pH balance to the skin. Skin’s optimal pH can be thrown off by a cleanser, so a Toner can keep your skin from becoming too dry or oily after you wash your face.

Adds extra hydration and nutrients to the skin

A Toner can quickly and efficiently provide skin with much needed nutrients and moisture. By using a natural Toner, you are restoring the pH of your skin and delivering instant hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to add essential antioxidant rich nutrients to the skin that protect it from environmental damage and everyday stressors that can accelerate the aging process. It also improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Our VAYU Illuminating Toning Mist

The VAYU Illuminating Toning Mist is suitable for all skin types – including sensitive skin. Formulated with Tulsi, Cucumber, Rose and Aloe, it helps to quickly and efficiently provide skin with antioxidants, soothing agents and hydrating ingredients to heal and nourish skin, reduce overproduction of sebum, and encourage circulation. This Toning Mist helps to protect skin against environmental stressors while enhancing skin’s surface. It can also be used as a wonderful makeup-setter.

How to use:

Use a Toner after cleansing in your skincare routine. It should be used at least twice a day after cleansing. We find that the most efficient way to use a Toner is by spraying on a cotton pad first, and then gently sweeping the cotton pad all over the face. This will help to pull out any impurities left on the skin after cleansing – and you should be able to see the dirt, makeup, and oil coming off onto that cotton pad. Finally, spray and then pat into skin to soak in all the nutrient-rich ingredients to protect and balance your skin.

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